How I Earn 90K € + a year with Fb and Adsense

Ok Guys this is the first method ever Im posting online and before I start up with it. I will first tell my story and how I started with IM after that you will also get a fresh method.

I hope after reading all of this you will be able to avoid alot of mistakes and hopefully start making some good money,

so lets start..

I started IM 2011 when my cousin asked me if I want to earn 1K€ per month by helping him creating some Content and I was first sceptical but I agreed.
So he teached me how to open an Adsense Acc, a Facebook Fanpage and a Blogger, then he created a Website and with the help of c# it would do postings automaticlly on Facebook Fanpages and redirects them to the related Blogger links wich were created from me.
The Website had a CMS where I put my Blogger links, Title and Description of my Blogger posts and also the ID of the Youtube Vids (watch?v= this part –> “DwUQk7bKvrU” <–this part) so it could create a thumb for Fb, because this was important for our method as we did only links with Videos and we used only Youtube for the Vids.

The postings looks similar to this[​IMG]

just that they had an ad between Title and Thumb and another ad between Thumb and Description.
(our ctr was between 8-10%)

the actuall video were not embed on the website you had to copy the youtube link under the
description and paste it into your browser to watrch the video.

I created 2000 posts similar like the ones obove before we started, because after I would finished
them, everything would run automaticlly.. starting from post 1 to 2000 and then they would just repeate. My cousin had a few Pages on Fb with (200k+ likes) were his posts got published on and he gots his traffic from.
But I didnt had any like so he created a like gate that just popped up on some of his Websites and
forced users to leave a like if they want to see the content.
The likes were going to my Fanpage wich had zero.

We also had an Fb-app wich Fb-users had to accepts before continuing on the Website but after they
accepted, the App was able to share our links wich they have clicked on Facebook on their Walls.

So we started.. our deal was 50%50 for the earnings on my Adsense account and remember I was
expecting something like 1k€ a month.

First day started = 30€
Day 2 = 50€
Day 3 = 120€
Day 4 = 200€ +
Day 5 = 500€ +

my record was 731€ in 1 Day this was my first month it was just mind blowing and my fanpage had at

that time 30K likes, activ as hell and getting 1-2K likes daily.
I only posted links no pictures no videos no nothing only these links.

after 20 days we had 13K € and recieved a warning from google because our Content was pretty thinn, but it was not a ban only a warning, so we stopped working on this Adsense account and we waited to get first the money safe before we continue earning on that account.
My Cousin had 6 accounts but I had only this one.

He told me we have to wait until the 23th of the next month until we will have the money so I was waiting and again I was sceptical I though that we´re not really going to recieve this amount of money I mean it was just too easy, money making could not working that easy…
but it worked xD the 23th comes and the money with it! and was a good feeling, I start feeling a little bit like Scarface because I thought this must be illegale xD I was just 19 then and earned 7K€ in 20 days.

anyway we skip now a few years..I learned building Websites, programming and working with wordpress and a lot of things have changed for exmpl.
the app can not share on walls anymore, like gates assueme fanpage bans nowdays if you dont keep it low, adsense is much stricter etc. etc.

But still you can make good money with Adsense and Facebook! How??
Now I will tell you a way and you dont even need a own Fanpage..
Because I also didnt have a own Page now because my Pages were all unpublished because of a trick I Iearned a few years ago, I was cloning Pages and I was offering this Servis to a group of Admins.
I cloned their Pages made 3 from one, give 2 Pages back to them and the third one was for me.
I sold them worked with them it was a great time… but lets not get nostalgic now XD

so what do you have to do and what do you need to make money.

first one you will need a Website you could do this easy with WordPress and a free Theme from there,
just search for mobile responsiv ones.

next you will need some plugins:
Adsense Deamon
NextGen Gallery
Yoast SEO (not for SEO purpose its to fetch up open graph so you will not have problems with a Large Thumb when you post your link on Fb, also thumb resulution should be minimum 600*315 to get large Image)

now you will need content, I recommend Gallery posts and you can get them from Websites like Diply
etc. just check big Pages on Fb search for links they have posted and get some Content from that
Website. ( We make Gallery posts with NextGen Gallery, if you dont know how, you can check
Youtube tuts or Google it )

To avoid duplicate Content you can use Wordai or just rewrite it a little bit you dont need 100%
Original Content for this, just 10 – 20 articles so the Website starts looking like a real Website with

Now you will need a nonhosted Adsense Accounts you can buy one or open it on your own.
Now open a account for I think you cant buy one here so you have to open this one on your own but its not that hard.

now you have to place your ads, Placement of the ads:

Google Adsense: one ad will be places on before Content (on the adsense deamon plugin)
it should be only a text ad and it should be something like 100*50, the ad have to be
exactly as wide as the Gallery and it should be obove the Gallery.

the second one should be placed between the NextGen Gallery description and the text of your post (Gallery description should be short for exmpl. 1 sentence)

Content Ad: the Content ad placement should be after Content so at the end.

Ok now after we got everything done we need a traffic source.
Facebok is still the best place to get traffic from, some of my links getting 250K klicks each (unique
visits) for only 200$! there is nowhere another Socialplatform where you can get real visits for that
cheap price.

And now I tell you guys how you will get these clicks.

You know these 1M+, 2M+, 3M+ Model pages which are verified. Pages like Tehmeena Afzal and
there are 100`s of similar pages, you have just to write them an Email sent them your website and
tell them that you want to buy a link post from them, they will reply to you with prices and they will be
from 50 – 300$ it depends on the activity of their page and the amount of links you order. You will
get better prices for bulk oders but anyway its one of the cheapest traffic sources you will ever get.

now when you found a page where you want to post a link, the link should be perfect you have to find
10 Pics of hot chicks but not naked ones and make an article.

for example title: “10 positions to sleep better”
description: “these positions will help you to get a better sleep”

now you will need 10 Hot pics of girls laying on a bed.
The best one you have to set up on Yoast Seo as Facebook Thumb there you can also set up the Title for Facebook and the Descripion.

Actually I´ve used this post a lot and it will go Viral.. everytime its just like magic XD


now lets say you´ve paid 100$ for a post, the post will stay 24 hrs, ask her to post it on prime time.
You will get with thes 100$ and that link in 24hrs something between 50-100K+ now lets do a calc.
you´ve spend 100$ and will recieve 50K clicks, with the ad place like obove you will get a 2.5+ %CTR
your CPC will be around 30-35 cent per click.

so 50 000/100*2.5= 1250 Clicks, 1250 Clicks * 0.30$ = 375$

you have an ROI of 375% and thats only with adsense without, on you will make for every 100K on avarage something between 1-1.5K $ its a good extra.

I´ll show you now some of my earnings from the first quartal of these year:

You dont need to buy any Ebook or something from me its all free I have no affialates with nobody.

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