Earn 1000$ a month with Social Media Evaluator

First some background about me, I stepped into the online world of making money during my bachelors. Over the years I have tried many things and I must say that BHW has given me more information than other paid course could give. So I started working on clixsense, yes a PTC site! that is how I started but later on discovered many things and got into clickworker, mturk, social media evaluator etc. I am also doing Amazon affiliate sites and growing 3 instagram accounts.

But in order to do these things you would need some money because ranking sites is a different ball game now. That is why it is good to have a income source so that you can work on projects like building websites, social media accunts etc. You must be bored already so getting back to the point, today I am going to talk about Social media evaluator. Depending on the country you can make $100-$1000 plus a month.

The company that is offering this job is Appen, which is declared as the #1 company for remote work jobs by Flexjobs. Now I will talk about the company and the process to be a social media evaluator.

What does a Social Media Evaluator do? 

Simple, as the name suggests you get work on tasks through your social media accounts. It may be Facebook or Instagram and the work is very simple. My experience has been awesome so far as the company is very professional with timely communications.

What is the process to be a social media Eval?

1. Go to their opportunities page and then search for the relevant job. Input your country and then the relevant keyword like ‘Social Media Evaluator’ and then hit the search button. All the results will appear, Read the title which would indicate work from anywhere, ignore if any city is given next to the title as ‘social media eval’ is a work from home position. You can choose either choose, 1 hour or 4 hour depending on the free time you have. The more you work the more you earn.

2. Click on the relevant job title and then on the next page click on Apply.

3. You will need to upload a resume and then fill in the basic personal details.

4. On the next page you will have to provide information about your facebook profile and instagram profile(no.of friends, no.of followers etc) and answer some more questions about language etc.

5. After submitting the application you will get an acknowledgement mail stating that your app has been received. Depending on the demand they may get back to you within a week or a month(sometimes they do no reply). You can track the status by checking your dashboard on Appen.

6. If your resume is accepted then you have to take a simple qualification test for which study guide will be provided and time will be given. If you successfully pass the exam then you can start working as a social media evaluator.

Note : Do not use fake details as they will ask for identity proof before the qualification. Also, some part of your facebook name must match with your real name as in documents.

How much do they pay and how do they pay their contributors? 

Well, I cannot disclose the payment due to NDA but all I can say is that it is very good considering simplicity of the work. depending on the country they give either 1hour/day or 4 hours/day work. It is much more than Beer money and constant, you will have work everyday till you are working as an social media evaluator. They pay through Payoneer and DBT.

Key highlights

1.Complete flexibility, you choose when you want to work

2.simple work

3.good and Prompt pay

4.Reputed and professional company

5.Process of becoming a Social media eval takes time. May take up to weeks, trust me it is worth the hard work

6.generally the contract ends in a year and yes they can throw you out any time as it is a contract position

This thread is dedicated for this work. If you have any doubts please feel free to ask me, I will be happy to help you out.



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